Pokljuka in winter offers countless opportunities for real winter joys. From skiing on the ski slope next to Hotel Pokljuka, below Hotel Jelka or on Rudno polje below Viševnik, sledding on the surrounding slopes, cross-country skiing and watching some Biathlon competitions on Pokljuka – winter on the Pokljuka Plateau never disappoints. We are eagerly waiting for you at Hotel Pokljuka and we kindly invite you to join us and plan your unique winter adventure in the heart of the Julian Alps.

Pokljuka Pozimi

picture: Pokljuka in winter


1.    Skiing on Pokljuka: Ski slopes on Pokljuka offer fun for everyone


Skiing at Pokljuka is one of the highlights of the winter season in Slovenia. This beautiful snowy plateau offers as many as three ski resorts: Hotel Jelka Ski Resort, Hotel Pokljuka Ski Resort and Viševnik Ski Resort, whose tracks are suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers. The Pokljuka family center has two children’s lifts on its ski slopes, where the youngest can try their first ski turns.

Smučanje Na Pokljuki

picture: Skiing on Pokljuka


2.    Sledding on Pokljuka: wake up your inner child

A sunny day in winter is a great opportunity for sledding on Pokljuka! Long, short, steep and gentle sledding runs will keep your little ones entertained, and you will be able to hear their happy shouts even from the comfort of nearby guesthouses. The most popular are the arranged sledding runs: the Zatrnik sledding run and the sledding run next to the Pokljuka Family Center ski resort, which are suitable for both toddlers and those with more courage.

Where to get a sledge if you don’t have one at home? At Hotel Pokljuka, we offer affordable rental of sledges and other winter equipment. You can read more here .


picture: Sledding on Pokljuka


3.    Cross-country skiing on Pokljuka: active relaxation


Has cross-country skiing always been your desire? Cross-country trails in Pokljuka are perfect for anyone who wants to spend their winter vacation actively. Pokljuka in winter is a great opportunity to try out the beautiful cross-country trails in the Triglav Pokljuka Sports Center, which will delight you with their beauty and challenges, regardless of your level of experience. You can breathe in the fresh mountain air, actively relax your body and enjoy the views of the beautiful winter landscape on well-maintained cross-country trails. Cross-country trails on Pokljuka are suitable for everyone, as they offer several different lengths, from which you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. If you are not a fan of cross-country skiing, but would still like to enjoy the magic of winter nature, you can go for a walk along the well-maintained walking path next to the tracks.

Tekaške Proge Pokljuka

picture: Cross-country trails on Pokljuka


Map of Cross-country trails on Pokljuka – you can find it here.

Prices of Cross-country trails on Pokljuka – you can find them here.

Hotel Pokljuka –  Cross-country ski rental: https://hotelpokljuka.si/storitve/izposoja-sportne-opreme/ .


4.    Biathlon Pokljuka: watch a world famous sporting event!


Pokljuka is known for hosting various biathlon competitions every year, which attract many sports enthusiasts. The Biathlon World Cup takes place in Pokljuka every other year (next time Pokljuka will host it in March 2025), but even this year you can watch many sports events.

Are you usually placed in the role of a spectator when spectacular biathlon events take place? Pokljuka in winter offers the opportunity to transform yourself into a real biathlete. In the Triglav Pokljuka sports center, they offer the activity of biathlon shooting, where you can learn how to hit a target like a real competitor!

Biathlon shooting on Pokljuka – description  in price list.

Biatlon Pokljuka

picture: Biathlon Pokljuka


5. Ski equipment rental at Hotel Pokljuka: rental of skis, cross-country skis, sledges and winter hiking equipment


Are you a fan of winter sports but don’t have the right equipment at home? Don’t let this be an obstacle! At Hotel Pokljuka, we offer affordable equipment rental for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and much more. You can find more information here.

Izposoja Opreme

picture: Ski equipment rental at Hotel Pokljuka


6.  Exploring the natural attractions of Pokljuka – Pokljuka Gorge and Šotno Barje Goreljek


Winter in Pokljuka is a great time to explore natural attractions, which have a very special charm in the beautiful snow-covered landscape. For lovers of peace and quiet, the Pokljuka gorge offers unforgettable views of breathtaking karst phenomena and natural bridges, while the Goreljek peat bog is home to rare plant and animal species – if you’re lucky, you can even spot them yourself. Both locations are ideal for a day trip, or just a short walk in nature, where you will enjoy the endless silence and purity of the mountain air.


Real hikers should remember the location of Rudno polje Pokljuka – this is the starting point for many mountain trips – both challenging and easy. We advise you to be careful when choosing a trip and to check the condition of the route in advance, as winter conditions can be quite unpredictable.

Šotno Barje Goreljek

picture: Goreljek peat bog


7.  Relaxation in the saunas: end a winter day on Pokljuka in style


A winter day in Pokljuka can become even more special with evening relaxation in the saunas. After a cold day in the snow at Hotel Pokljuka, we take care of you with excellent saunas that will warm you with their heat and ensure a perfect evening relaxation. You can read more about the offer here.

Savna Hotel Pokljuka

picture: Sauna at Hotel Pokljuka


Discover the joys of winter and book your holiday on Pokljuka


A holiday on Pokljuka is an opportunity to escape from everyday life, relax and recharge your batteries in the fresh mountain air. Treat yourself to an active and fun day on the ski slopes, cross-country trails or toboggan runs. During your walks, enjoy the views of the beautiful snowy landscape, and use the evenings to relax in the warm embrace of Hotel Pokljuka.


The diverse range of activities, adjustable height rooms and the location itself testify that Hotel Pokljuka is also an ideal place for relaxation for athletes – both elite and recreational. The location and sports infrastructure are excellent for fitness and altitude training, and our selection of altitude rooms allows athletes to simulate any altitude – they can train almost without sleeping! Altitude rooms are, of course, suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen their lungs and improve their well-being.

Join us! We will take care of you with comfortable and varied rooms, relaxation in excellent saunas and a delicious dinner – all this awaits you when you return to Hotel Pokljuka after an active day on the snow! Don’t delay, book your perfect winter vacation on Pokljuka and experience the magic of one of the most popular winter destinations in Slovenia!


Hp Zimska Carusel

picture: Hotel Pokljuka in Winter