As part of the preparations, the hotel has already hosted both professional and recreational athletes – biathletes, triathletes, mountain bikers, football players, volleyball players, athletes, alpinists and martial arts athletes. The location of the hotel with its own sports infrastructure is ideal for fitness or altitude training. For the latter, we also have 13 high-altitude (hypoxic) rooms with the possibility of double or triple accommodation, with a total of 31 beds and 12 additional beds, which is the largest capacity in Slovenia in terms of the number of accommodations. They are intended for top and recreational athletes and anyone who wants to improve their well-being. The system allows simulation of altitude up to 3500 m. On Pokljuka, you train while you sleep.


Hypoxic rooms

Hotel Pokljuka offers 13 hypoxic double or triple bad rooms, with 31 beds and 12 extra beds, representing the largest capacity of hypoxic rooms in Slovenia. A modern system allows for each room a separate simulation of altitude up to 3500 m, which your organism places in conditions of high mountain peaks.
Hypoxic rooms are appropriate for professional and recreational athletes and those who want to improve their well-being.

What are hypoxic rooms?

In hypoxic rooms, with the help of a hypoxic device according to the desired altitude, the atmosphere changes – the air contains less oxygen. The mid-high-altitude setting is the most commonly used, can have unlimited time use and has a proven healing effect. Hypoxic room improves body function, and sleeping quality improves after a few days. Processes are accelerated in the body, which increases our productivity and efficiency, improves health and condition. 
Increased altitude causes a decrease of O2, resulting in hypoxia. It is known that the human organism and its activity depend on oxygen. If we want to maintain the normal activity and function of the body, we need to provide the body with an appropriate amount of oxygen. This amount of oxygen can be supplied to the body from the air we inhale.
Sleeping in a hypoxic room does not reduce the importance of oxygen in human life. Still, it improves the metabolism of oxygen in the body because the body adjusts to the breathing of oxygen-depleted air and becomes more effective in its use. Oxygen consumption for the same activity will be reduced. The result is enhanced health and increased body energy.